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The Turnips have been collaborating in one way or another since 2009. The individual members have been playing with other Michigan Groups in which they have networked and organized with Michigan's Festivals, Theatres, and Non-Profit Clubs and Circuits. From building a complete weekend Music Festival from the ground, to creating recorded works, the multi-talented members of The Turnips have been busy playing and recording with prominent members of the Michigan Folk Scene, including: Seth Bernard and May Erlewine, Ultraviolet Hippopotamus, Rachel Davis Band, Jen Sygit, Steppin' In It, and Breathe Owl Breathe (among many others), and have emerged to cultivate a great new sound. Bringing an eclectic, roots-based blend of Rock, Blues, Folk, Americana and more, the Turnips have had no trouble bringing inspiration and energy to any audience.

Line Up

Andy Kirby- Guitar, vocals, lap steel
Joe Phillion- Drums
Josh Wilson- Keys, vocals, etc.
Zach Potter- Bass
Austin Benzing - Guitar, vocals

The Turnips leave no stone left unturned

"From folk ballads, to alt-rock, Americana-driven tunes and blues-rock burners, The Turnips leave no stone left unturned. This album is a genre-jumping journey across a rich musical landscape as thick as the White Pine forests of Western Michigan. There is instrumental prowess, lyrical inventiveness, and extreme attention to detail. It’s explorative yet tasteful, unique yet highly accessible, and nothing short of a powerful debut album from a band with enough potential to blow the roof clear off the entire Midwest music scene." -SoundFuse Magazine


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